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Frames & Sunglasses 

We carry a diverse selection of premium eyeglass frames and lenses for both children and adults. The experienced opticians at EyeQ Optical will work with you to find the perfect eyeglass frames to suit your style, budget, and taste. We want you to look and see your best!  

In addition to eyeglasses, we also offer an array of prescription and non-prescription sunglasses as well.  

Sunglasses are important for everyone to wear, regardless of whether you need vision correction or not, as they provide protection from UV rays and their potentially damaging impact on eye health. Prescription sunglasses will ensure you have clear, comfortable vision while driving or enjoying time outdoors.  


Explore Eyeglass Frames 

There are many different options to consider when shopping for eyeglass frames. Prior to making your selections, it is helpful to understand some key terminology.   

Eyeglass frame materials include acetate, metal, plastic, titanium, and wood texture. Various options are available for eyeglass frame types, including full-rimmed, semi-rimless, rimless, low bridge, and wire frames. Our opticians can help you select the right choice for your needs and advise you on the different advantages offered by each frame type. We’re happy to offer guidance and expertise as you determine your selections and shop for eyeglasses that best suit your lifestyle needs, face shape, budget, and other criteria. 


Explore Eyeglass Lenses 

The eyeglass lenses and lens treatments you choose should help you see clearly in all facets of your life, including driving, using a computer, reading a book, looking at your phone, playing sports, and more.  

Our optical staff will ask you about what you do for work, whether you have a commute, and what kind of hobbies you enjoy so they can recommend lens options that will best meet the visual demands of your lifestyle.   

At EyeQ Optical, we offer a variety of lens types to ensure you have sharp, clear vision in your new eyeglasses. Lens types include the following:  


  • Single vision lenses: These lenses have one dioptric power used throughout the entire lens. They are used to correct vision for both near and far distances.  
  • Bifocal lenses: These lenses contain two prescriptions that have a dividing line between them. The top of the lens corrects for farsightedness and the bottom corrects for nearsightedness.  
  • Trifocal lenses: These lenses include three prescriptions separated by lines and correct faraway, intermediate, and near vision.  
  • Progressive lenses: These lenses also offer multiple prescriptions in one lens, but they are line-free, offering a smooth transition when shifting your view between the prescriptions. 


We also offer high-quality eyeglass lens coatings and treatments which can make a big difference in how comfortable you feel in your eyeglasses. 


  • Anti-reflective: This coating is also known as “anti-glare”, and it reduces the amount of light reflected off the surface of the lenses. This can be especially beneficial while driving at night or working in front of computer screens.  
  • Scratch-resistant: Your eyeglass lenses can be fragile, so scratch resistance will help protect them from damage if you drop your eyeglasses or use something other than a cloth specially designed to clean eyeglass lenses.  
  • UV-protective: Exposure to UV rays can be detrimental to the health of your eyes over time. While most eyeglass lenses offer some protection from UV rays, adding UV-protection coating to your eyeglass lenses can provide additional protection for your eyes.  
  • Tinted lenses: Depending on your visual needs, tinted lenses can reduce the discomfort from bright light.  
  • Blue light blocking:  If you’re concerned about blue light from your digital devices contributing to digital eye strain and impacting the quality of your sleep, adding blue light blocking treatment to your lenses can help.  


At EyeQ Optical, our experienced optical staff will guide you as you choose the right eyeglasses to express your style and personality and provide clear, comfortable vision.  

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